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File Color Coding

Color CodingFile Color Coding is used to create a visual indexing system for your files, making them easier to locate when needed. Every letter and number is assigned to a specific color, when applied to files on an open shelf system, you can easily see the bands of color designating each letter or number. Utilizing a File Color Coding management system can provide multiple benefits to your files and efficiency of your organization, including but not limited to:


  • Decreases the amount of files which are misfiled and lost.
  • Allows quicker retrieval of information for update or reference.
  • Creates a professional image to reassure your customers that their personal information is properly stored and maintained.
  • Reduces the cost of managing your files.

    Print On-Demand Feature

    On-Demand label printing means that you can label, route, file and organize the folders that host your files immediately. You control how many labels you need, when you need them, plus they can be printed on-site and affixed to your folders for immediate use. You control how many labels you need and when labels are to be printed. With our suite of state-of-the-art label design and printing software, Intaglio, you can optimize your paper filing system easily, quickly and more cost efficiently. Whether your files need labels, bar codes, file headings, color coded indexing, graphics, text, or regular name labels – our software allows you the convenience of printing your labels onsite – already tailored to your organization's specific needs. With a print on demand color coding software, you can:

  • Use strip labels which will cut labor costs over purchasing individual sticky labels.
  • Custom your labels with any type or amount of information, codes or tracking identifier.
  • Add Graphics, Logos or Images to any label.
  • Barcodes can be printed for easy use with our tracking systems.
  • Integrates easily with our file tracking software.

    Implementing File Color Coding to Your File Tracking System

    File color coding can be an asset to a business in many ways when effectively implanted with your overall file tracking system.  Color coding files is the first step to an organized filing system which will lead to a smooth running business. This type of order is important to a company, especially in the legal and medical fields, to avoid slowing down production and of course, to ensure accuracy.  File system management can prevent your organization from moving to the next level of income generation, cause insufficient customer service and at the very worst case scenario – cause you to lose business over sheer disorganization! Save your business from facing these issues, while enjoying the additional benefits of file color coding your records management system.
    Color coding files is an effective way to manage important documents and written information pertaining to a client, customer or business account.  Our Intaglio system provides you with large bright tabs to place on your files – quickly identifying them by eye. This type of quick glance system can ensure you maintain the fast paced environment of any office which hosts an abundance of files and documents, as well as improve accuracy. In busy offices, it is quite common to grab the wrong file when depending on the traditional white tab file system. However, a color coding system would not only decrease this risk, it can also decrease the time it takes your staff to pull files in preparation for clients and patients. In essence, implementing an effective file tracking system with file color coding can give you and your staff valuable time to cultivate customer service and client relations, rather than looking for missing files.    
    If you are looking to gradually transition into a more ffective file tracking and management system, color coding your files is a great first step to get you there. By managing your important paper based business information with visual identitfiers, you provide a great return on investment, better known as ROI, in short period of time. Not only does it save you money, in wasted time searching for misfiled records, using color coding as part of your file tracking and management system will allow you to make better business decisions by having the pertinent information, exactly when you need to reference it!

    File Color Coding Records Management

    The task of managing your records is multi-faceted. Various methods and tools can be used but the effectiveness of any system, depends on a few components – one of which is the ease of use for your staff! File color coding is a simple method for nearly any business to make a huge difference in the production of the business itself. If your organization is one that has to maintain thousands of paper files either by law or by preference, implementing file color coding will certainly make your life easier! Where compliance and legalities are concerned, you will surely not want to risk the penalties and consequences which may arise from missing a file. For this reason alone, many organizations have begun to implement color coding to their tracking system as well as an electronic notes system which can track the life and location of the file at all times.  



    Color Coding

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