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File-Coder Tracking Software

Tracking and managing your files has never been this easy and affordable.

With File-Coder you will know exactly where your files are located. Stop wasting time searching for lost files, get File-Coder and start tracking and managing your files today. Your ROI will be realized in a few short months.

Watch a quick File-Coder overview video.

Easy Installation

Installing File-Coder is simple.Run the setup file and follow the prompts. During the install you can select from single user or multi-user setups.

How Do I Setup File Tracking Software

User Friendly Interface

The main form is easy to read and always shows the current location of the file you are viewing. A History of where your file has been is available at the click of a button.

Print B/W Bar Codes Directly  or Color  Coded Labels

Black and White Bar Codes

File-Coder allows you to print b/w bar codes directly on standard avery label stock.

File-Coder easily integrates with many of the color coding print systems available. Here we are showing Colorflex's Intaglio print on-demand system.Read more about  color coding software options including the newest Web based system.

Color Labels

Features List

 Plug and Play - Simply place CD in drive and follow the installation prompts. Free phone support for first 30 days.

Contact us if you have any questions on File-Coder or need any advice or direction on file tracking software systems in general. We will be glad to lend our expertise.

Why File Tracking?

File tracking software is a great asset to a company looking for reassurance that they can track their files easily and quickly at anytime.  There are numerous advantages that come from utilizing a file tracking software system, some of which are dependant upon the each individual company and their particular circumstances and needs, but here are a few of the most popular reasons.
 Use of a file tracking software system allows you to track the location of any given file which greatly reduces the time it takes to do so and improves the speed and performance of your company or organization’s transactions.  It is able to do this by placing a bar code on the file which is then scanned into the system and information can be pulled up regarding the files whereabouts, no matter if it is in storage or in your filing cabinet.  This also reduces the chance of a file becoming lost and your employees having to scramble to find another way to get a hold of the data contained in the file.
File tracking software is usually customizable to your particular needs and can be utilized by all employees in a company.   The larger your company is and the more people that you have handling your files, the more a file tracking software system can benefit you.  It is easy for one individual file to get lost in the hustle and bustle of productivity, but you can minimize that risk.  Increase the performance and efficiency of your business by taking advantage of the rewards that a file tracking software system has to offer.



File-Coder Features

Others claim to track you files, widgets, and the kitchen sink. Don't be mislead, they simply don't compare to File-Coder when it comes to the features, easy of use and capturing the information you need to manage your files.

Using Bar Codes

Bar code Technology

File-Coder uses bar code technology to track your files from person to person or from place to place. File-Coder shows you exactly where your files are and a complete history of where they have been.

Bar code Scanner

File-Coder comes with The QuickScan ® QS2500 linear imager handheld scanner. The QS2500 easily reads even poorly printed barcodes. The QS2500 ’s Linear Imager scan engine has no moving parts and will reliably read for years to come. It is durable and withstands 5 ’ (1.5m)drops to concrete. QS2500 brochure