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File-Coder  - File Tracking Software

File trackingFile-Coder, our easy-to-use file tracking software system is an affordable solution which will make managing your files a whole lot easier and more importantly, more effective. Studies show that a lost or missing file can eventually cost $200+ per file, when factoring in the time/labor spent searching it out. Your employees can be utilizing their time much more efficiently than looking for missing files! Those same studies show that anywhere from 3-5% of files are in fact, misfiled and/or lost in the average business, at any given time. Scary statistics when thinking of a medical office or professional services. File-Coder will virtually eliminate those misfiles - paying for itself in just a few short months.  File-Coder is an effective and thorough solution for your file tracking system needs, allowing you the time, peace of mind and production output your business deserves!      Learn more about our File-Coder file tracking system.

File Color Coding Software

On-Demand file color coding Color Coding is used to create a visual indexing system for your files, making them easier to locate when needed. On-Demand File Labeling Software can be used to standardize and control new file labeling procedures while streamlining the file labeling process.

File Color Coding software such as our Intaglio and Labelsanywhere offering can produce labels at your desk on-demand of just about any style and in many different sizes to meet any of your labeling needs. Intaglio or Labelsanywhere can help record managers to establish one or more file designs to ensure uniformity of file labeling. Any existing system can be matched or a unique color coding system can be designed to meet your exact needs. Read more on how File Color Coding Software can save you time and money.



File-Coder  2.3.5 - File tracking software released.

Web-Based file color code printing  - Unlimited users.

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File-Coder Single PC version with scanner. Take advantage of our custom setup! Contact Us for pricing.

Partial User List

First American Bank
Fremont Investment and Loan
Gateway Funding
Southern Community Bank and Trust
University of Maryland
Georgia State University
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Smith College
Brandeis University
BlueCare Network Michigan
Cardiology Division UVA
Guilford Neurology
Fitzpatrick Lentz and Bubba P.C.
Meister Seelig Fien LLP
Braverman and Lin, PC

Philips Electronics S Pte Ltd
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

Customer Comments


Beverly B. - Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba, P.C.
"I have created a report using the date range filter instructions you gave me.  It works perfectly--thank you for creating such a user-friendly program."

Linda H.  - US Oncology  TX.
"File-Coder has really made a difference in our ability to successfully and quickly do our jobs."

    Michael L., Esquire - Braverman & Lin, PC
"Your program seems to be a very easy application to use."

Ron W.  - MTF (Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation)
"Yes it is working great. You can use me as a reference anytime!"